Saturday, February 03, 2007

Two posts on a Saturday?

I was just invited via MySpace message, to go out for caramels. I offered the politest rejection of the invitation I could come up with. I just don't want to go there again. I have found nothing but trouble meeting guys on the internet and I do not wish to try again. It's just not the right way for me.

Plus, I still do not wish to date. The guy would have to be something spectacular. I would rather be alone than to waste any more kisses on toads who could be princes. I did not tell this to the fellow, although I did mention that I am not interesteed in meeting anyone from the internet anymore (except of course, for those of you who I have befriended over years of correspondence. and even then, it's not a romantic thing. Not even a possibly romantic thing)

So I was honest if not a bit harsh. Recognizing that I could be missing out on friendship, but really preferring to meet my friends face to face. I get a better "feel" for them that way. I thought better to be honest now rather than to risk hurt feelings (his or mine) later.

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