Monday, July 02, 2012

We're still funny from Friday

Bratty tends to get the music from Super Mario Brothers stuck in her head. Which means that she will sing it thorughout the day. Which means that one or both of us is singing along to the Super Mario Brothers game playing on our heads.

Original NES style.

So I played "Super Mario Brothers Ghost". You know, Boo? Who I always think should be called Boo Radley but everyone knows that's the guy from "To Kill a Mockingbird", which is what I think about when I talk about putting stuff in the knotholes of trees. Depositrees.

I was nearly biting Bratty's head when I realized that the guy accross the way (who tends to be amused by our antics far more than he is crankypants, BTW) could SEE me making scary hands and fangy face at Bratty so I retreated the two feet back to my chair, embarassed and giggly.

I don't even think he noticed. But he was cranky pants that day. (which was Friday but I'm posting to the future again)

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