Wednesday, July 11, 2012

In which I am compared to a mythical creature

It was a lovely Sunday. My friends were floating the river. I couldn't float the river with them because I needed to be at the Farmer's Market selling soap and spinning wool.

Instead of pouting at home over my broken heart and the fact that my friends were off having fun without me, I headed down to the river to wait for them, enjoy the sunshine, and indulge in my new favorite summertime activity.

Blowing bubbles.

Somehow, I missed my friends, but I did find a fellow who was quite fascinated with the vision of me with my feet in the water blowing bubbles. I let him play a little too. When his friend caught up, we chatted a bit, and they told Gandhi (who had arrived at this point) and I that we were like those ladies in the river in the movie "O Brother Where Art Thou"

A siren is a lovely thing to be compared to, and given that, they went their way before we tempted them further from thier path. I don't get flirted with often (by men under 50), so I was appreciative of the compliment.

They did circle back, but by then Gandhi and I had discovered that we missed the group and were on our way to find them. They were nice fellows, and I may have brushed them off a bit, for which I feel a little guilty, but I also don't think I'm in a good position to get to know anyone. And I'm sure a couple of friendly fellows like them had no trouble finding companionship!

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