Monday, July 09, 2012

They are out to get me (pt5)

I can't believe I had 5 days of bug stories to tell.

Once upon a time I went to Hawaii to see my dear friends get married. This was before I began blogging in earnest. I was alone because I had just gone through a breakup so I was alone. In a house full of other wedding guests.


I came home from exploring one day to an empty house. Since it's pretty muggy there, I hopped into the shower.

Now, I knew before I went to HI that there wer gigantic roaches there. This is the reason why I decided not to go to college in HI. I dislike the roaches THAT MUCH. But for the visit, I could handle them.

They were in my room, but I ignored them and they ignored me and we were fine. It helped that I had my own room at that point AND that I could hear the ocean in there. glorious.

One night a friend of mine tried to kill one. he jumped on it. He bounced up and down a couple of times. He lifted his foot and it came running towards me! EEK!

So, I'm in the shower all nakid n stuff because that tends to be how I am when I am in the shower. I went to reach for my soap and I saw this:

Disclaimer: not Bubbly Creations Soap. It would be another year before I started my company.

That damn thing sat there waving and laughing at me while I washed with Noxema. It was awful.

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