Saturday, July 07, 2012

I swear they are out to get me (pt4)

how the heck does one person have so many horrifying bug stories?

Remember that apartment where I lived next door to my boyfriend? Well, pretty soon he decided that he couldn't afford it on his own so he moved to a different one with a roommate. That didn't work out, so he got a different rommate and then moved across the street. Then I decided I couldn't do it on my own anymore and invited BOTH of them to move into my place where we all lived happily (mostly) for several years.

The roomate was great. She pretty much lived in her room, coming out to go to work and to get the pizza she pretty well lived on. She paid her bills and kept to herself.

One day though, after the Boyfriend and I had ended things and he moved out, the manager needed to spray for bugs on the back patio. Access to said patio was through the roomates room.

It turns out, her room was a pretty big mess and it was declared a fire hazard. We were told to clean it up.

I think she pulled 5 large trash bags of stuff out of her room that day. Apparently, that was good enough because the landlady didn't fine us or kick us out.

But there was one little thing.

Now, I'm not at all blaming this on the roomate. The people next door had JUST moved out so I don't really know where this came from.

But one night, I was sleeping in my bed. And I woke up to feel something crawling on me. Near my collarbone. INCHES from my face. So I reach up and grabbed it.

Only this time, I didn't throw it across the room. This time I decided to break habit and take a look at what was in my bed.

it looked something like this:

There was a roach. Of normal size. in my bed. I am surprised at how calm I was. I threw him in the toilet. I watched him go down the hole. I checked my bed and went back to sleep. The next day, I lined every available surface with Boric Acid. and never had another cockroach (of the insect kind. ahem) in my bed again.

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