Friday, August 31, 2007

When the road gets dark

Every so often, life gets a little dramtic, and in my worries about the future, I panic.

And somehow, I have to remind myself to trust. Trust that Poo won't let me fall. Trust that if I hadn't made the right decision, the door to my old life wouldn't have shut so firmly, so quickly. Trust that sometimes, the trail gets bumpy, but I just have to ride it out. After all, smooth sailing all the time gets a little dull. REmember that above all, I'm a survivor.

So tonight, while I was showering, Jewel popped into my head. and I sang along with her. And I was reminded to Have a Little Faith in Me.

And if you have not heard her version of that song, it rocks. It's on the soundtrack to the movie Phenomenon.

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Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

THAT song, specifically that version is one of my all time favorite songs that I LOVE to belt out in the car or shower as well!