Thursday, August 02, 2007

Almost nakid and my new boy friend

I have a lot to say, so be prepared for a marathon post.

Sunday, we went tubing on the Truckee River. I like tubing. We parked one car upstream and one downstream and got in the river. It was low at the point where we entered, so moving was slow. After a couple of hours I tried to hitch a ride home with a couple of fishermen with a kayak, but they said no. What I should have done was stuck around with the cute guy and his dog who were fishing about 50 ft downstream from where we started.

ANYWAY, we tubed for three hours. At one point, I got stuck in a rapid and almost lost my bottoms. (there were a few deep parts) then, we came to a dam and had to get out. The men folk predicted we had gone about three miles. In that time we saw a lot of fisherpeople, some cute guys, a lot of scary river bugs (Buzz? I would like an identification on the scary river bugs because I'm pretty sure that I would have DIED if one touched me) I got one worm and a lot of moss down my pants (ok, the worm was just on my bottoms, but EEW!) saw one doe (she was lovely) and one 4 pt buck (he was a treat just for me, no one else saw him)Since it was 5pm, we decided to hike back upstream since we couldn't go over the dam.

I hiked two miles up Hwy 40 in Verdi. In flip flops. And my bikini. I have truly arrived in Reno.

Monday, I started work. Now, when I asked the recruiter, told me Monday, 8 am, orientation. So I went. And HR told me orientation wasn't until Wednesday at 9. Okay...So they showed me to my desk. there were no drawers in my desk which is, actually, in the basement, but that's where everyone is, so I don't mind (in a store room in the basement. I might have to bring in my red stapler). They have known for a month that I would be arriving, I had no computer, no phone, no office supplies (um, Merkin? I saw that I don't have any note cards and, I can't do my job without them.) I stared at the ceiling a lot that day.

I learned on the way home that the Admin told everyone how much I make.

Tuesday, I found something to do and was busy all day. The admin told me she was so busy she didn't want to see any orders. (ok. I will wait to have things like, oh, a stapler, some paperclips, you know) HR called me into the office to sign paperwork. When I asked if i needed to bring anything, she said no. When I got there, she asked to see my ID. She got to hear my very calm bitch voice.

Wednesday, I asked about my computer log on, which I signed the paperwork for on Monday (you know, because I also need a computer to do my job)But the Admin told me it would take a lot of time because so many signatures were needed and the paperwork didn't get sent until Tuesday. I used Poo's computer to get myself started.

Today I learned that the Admin spread a rumor that Poo is my boyfriend. She called the phone guy to set up our new purchasing guy's phone, and since the Phone Guy (he calls himself that) got confused, I finally got my phone set up as well. My new desk arrived. Since Housekeeping doesn't keep our office, I swept and "mopped" (meaning I taped a rag to a broom, got it wet and swiped it over the floor. We also empty our own trashes) and Admin wouldn't let me near to help set it up. Actually she acted as though I was useless in trying. She couldn't even open the box. I stepped away. IT hooked up my computer. I still don't have a log on. And it's going to take "awhile" to get my office supplies and I can't have the log on to get them myself because I don't have the clearance.

I realized last night that I don't like Admin. Which explains why I think really mean thoughts about her. They just pop into my head and I shock myself. But I don't say those things. They're really mean. But I can forgive myself now that I realize that I didn't like her from the beginning. I'm nice to her though, even though she makes my life a little difficult. She is who she is, and I can't like everyone.

Beyond that, I'm still having fun. The higher ups like what I have accomplished so far and I really couldn't ask for more from them.

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