Thursday, August 30, 2007

momentary something or other

Will someone please find me a bra that fits? please?

There was supposed to be a picture with that, but as soon as the camera was rolling, the bra suddenly fit. so you get me face instead.

Happy HNT, for the first time in a long time


Sensei Ern said...

What is it with the cat eye glasses? Ryan Conner, a very cool comedian, whom I haven't seen in a few years, headlined at WiseAcres this last week.

Even HE had these glasses!

I wouldn't be caught dead in them. I suspect it is because I remember looking through my oldest brother's yearbook as a kid and seeing otherwise Hollywood models wearing some of the most autrocious eyegear that would make a seeing eye dog go blind.

Do you have a legitimate reason for choosing that style, or did you choose them because it is the trend? I would go with contacts before spending extra cash for them.

I know this is sounding like a personal harsh criticism, but that is the limitation of written word. I mean it in all seriousness and concern that I am missing a major portion of modern culture.

THW said...

Well, here's my 2 cents: I like your glasses, it looks good on you and they make you look trendy and hip.

But what's HNT?
Happy Nipple Tips?
Horny Nun Troupe?
Hellishly Negative Thoughts?

Buzz said...


I think you look good in them.

Makes me bummed that you moved, so the feeling's mutual I suppose.

Have a good labor day!


Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

Fun glasses and shirt! I like it!

Ginamonster said...

sensei, I needed new glasses, and they looked good on me. regular cat eye glasses like from when you were a kid? i can't wear them, but a slight upturn? yup. Usually I wear my contacts, but I woke up yesterday feeling like my eyes had dried up while I was sleeping (a semi regular thing here in Reno) so it was all about the glasses yesterday.

thw, HNT is Half Nekkid Thursday. Usually I take pictures of my feet. and once, of my boobs. when I remember to participate. You should see Chickie's HNT entries. She generally really is half nekkid.

Buzz, thanks. You too. and a safe trip too.

Michelle, I love the shirt. It was a purchase from the vegas shopping trip. You should see the other one I bought!

Chickie said...

Yay for bras that fit!

You are too cute.