Monday, August 27, 2007

Ooda lolly, ooda lolly, golly what a day

From the silliness of the gym experience, my day just went wonky. Almost got in an accident on my way to work (someone elses fault. Had I not stopped, I woulda T-Boned that box truck) and then I just got angrier when the housekeepers were taking thier sweet time at the time clock. After standing there for 5 minutes while one showed another how to get clocked in, the following conversation was had:

Man Coworker: You still Waiting?
Me: Yeah, they're giving a demonstration (I must have used "that" tone)
Man Coworker: Ah, someone is new.
Housekeeping Admin: You know there are two other timeclocks by the staff cafe...
Me: *Look of Death*

Right now my sister is saying "uh oh". the thing is, that every day at 8:00 am, the housekeeping shift starts. We call it the "March of the Penguins". Think 50 people, all crammed into a 5 ft wide hallway clocking in, accessing lockers (which take up a foot of that hallway, gathering bottles of cleaner for the day ahead. They do not part. they block the way. Most mornings, I don't even see them, but today was my first day clocking in at 8am. And they could care less that I was waiting to get to the time clock. Actually, they can generally care less if you just want to get through. I was 2 minutes late. It seems to me that It would be smart to either encourage them to use another time clock or stagger the start time a bit.

I was a bit steamy (and not in a good way) but the time i reached my desk which had been taken over by the new admin (again) this time I couldn't chase her off because my stuff had been moved over the weekend to my new desk. Cool! I had hoped this would happen, so Friday, I made sure I swept the area and wiped down my desk.

Whomever cleaned and polished the floor set two nasty old office chairs on my desk which dripped an unknown icky substance on my desk. GRR! And everything was covered in a fine layer of dust. GRRR! And when IT put in my computer, they completely bypassed the keyboard drawere and set everything up on my desk...ROAR!

I am strong when I am angry.

I switched filing cabinets because the one I had was legal size with those stupid railings that look all rickety to make it letter size so I changed it for one that was built for hanging folders.

I warned all my coworkers that I was angry and Vickie fed me chocolate covered Altoids. (oh. YUM) then we headed out to go get some hot drinks and when I hit the ice dispenser (the hot drinks are too hot, Goldilocks), hawaiian punch drenched my hand and suit. I had to laugh. Things got better after I washed up. My desk got clean and most of the scotch tape applied by it's previous owner removed. By afternoon when the office supplies arrived, I was singing. And then I got PAID!

I'm blaming it on the full moon and impending eclipse. Thank goodness the day ended well.

In other news, Clint Called. He tried to tell Poo he was arrested, but his story just doesn't check out. At least he is alive, but I should be a lttle embarassed to see him again seeing as how he lied to Poo and made me worry. Apparently, according to his dad, he's been arrested and kidnapped and all sorts of things over the years to explain his absences. So sad. I'm glad it's over.

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Chickie said...

Ick to the condition your new workstation was in! I'll bet you use a lot of cleaning wipes!