Thursday, August 23, 2007

He likes me, He likes me not...

Maybe I am just not used to spending time with a man who is a gentleman. Maybe he's like me, and saying he had a nice time, lets do it again next week is his way of saying "I really like you". I don't know.

took me out to dinner...He likes me.
Stayed at least a full foot away from me all evening...He likes me not.

I don't think I'm stinky...He gave me a piece of gum after dinner...He made it pretty darn clear he's not looking for another wife, but to meet some nice people.

Where does that leave me? feeling a little rejected even though he says he wants to hang out again next week.

This slow movin thing is gonna kill my ego.

I did have a nice time. I'm trying not to be a freak. it's not being easy.


Sensei Ern said...

Gina, think about this. For however many years, you have dated the way you have been. It hasn't worked all that well.

Try it his way. More likely than not, he either was brought up to go slow, or he has come out of a relationship that he realized was a mistake, and needs to take things a lot slower to make sure he finds the right person.

Your ego needs to be stomped on until it submits. Your self-respect and self-confidence need to do the stomping. Instead of letting your ego rule, be confident in knowing you are an incredible person. Do not let anyone use you in any manner that destroys part of you.

I better quit before I make a Dr. Phil comparison like: "You don't need endless supplies of avocados to join the Peace Corps." (courtesy of - Dr. Phil Quote Generator )

THW said...

Sounds like he was just being cautious. Go on another date, see what happens.

Ginamonster said...

Sensei, you know I never tell the whole story when it comes to my relationships. There are other things too. Meanwhile, I totally agree with you. My old way didn't work. But it would be nice to have some inkling of whether or not he is interested. I haven't given up on him, But my eyes are open, and I am paying attention. From the conversation last night, I'm not even sure he's looking for mre than a buddy. And while I am always happy to have a new friend, I am looking for a partner.

thw, totally.

I know time will tell. And I'm not giving up on him, but like I said, an inkling of interest, even a "you look great/nice/decent tonight" would help me feel like I'm not a fool for being interested. "hey, lets try to hang out again next week" can mean so many things...