Friday, August 24, 2007

parents are funny

It never ceases to amaze me how after two dates, a guy can be my boyfriend. Never mind that I'm not even sure what he thinks of me, never mind that we've never so much as shaken hands. We went on two dates. He's my boyfriend. My mom's askin Poo all sorts of questions about the Cowboy. I? Don't consider him a fixture. He's someone I like. But it's possible that nothing will come of it. It's possible that The Intellectual will sweep me offa my feet after all.

But if my mom wants to believe that I have found the love of my life after two dates, well, I'm glad it makes her happy.

If you are wondering, there is still no sign of Clint. After talking to his mom and dad, Poo has learned that this is how he rolls. First paycheck, and he's gone. Poo still put out a missing persons, and wonders if he will come in Monday to pick up his paycheck. One of these days we're going to need to pack up his stuff and send it to his parents.

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