Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Is my mom's birthday and my half birthday. happy day to us!

I went to lunch yesterday with the coworker I mentioned a couple of posts ago. I was right. She hasn't changed, she just got busy. Too busy to socialize, too busy to do much more than rush around. Some people, apparently, took it to heart. I think, actually, that her feelings were a bit hurt by the fact that her friends have decided she is a snob. (you can just tell when your friedns abandon you, trust me) It was fun chatting about her animals over lunch. And she invited me out for drinks sometime. Even if she never follows through, it was nice to be invited. AND she bought me gelato. yum!

So I am going to try and make it a point to invite her for lunch periodically. We could both use a friend.

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Gary said...

happy birthday mom.