Thursday, March 22, 2007

Shoe fly don't bother me...

We all know that I am not a shoe whore despite the fact that my shoe carpet seems to be growing and then there was that incedent a couple of months ago where I bought three pairs in one day and can't wear any of them to work.

But this is about work shoes.

I wear nice shoes to my regular job. or at least they look nice and pretend they are not from payless. It takes me about 6 months to wear through them. By wear through I mean that the little nail in the heel makes me slip and slide on the sidewalk and the tile floor at Wal Mart if I have to stop there before I go home. My right shoe is currently nothing but nail.(what? I needed blue koolaid. apparently they don't sell it at any of the three wal marts in my area. I did get a turkey baster though)

Here are my work shoe requirements.

Black, closed toe, closed heel 1.5 inches or less. They should look like an almost 30 year old should be wearing them, not Nurse Rachet.

There isn't a store in Santee that carries that shoe. (no shoe stores in Lakeside)Nope, apparently it's a 3 inch heel or nothing. Never mind that anything higher than 1.5 hurts my back and is likely to send my poor sciatic nerves into shock (last time they went crazy I couldn't sit, stand, or lay down without pain.) Never mind that open toes and heels are against my company dress code.

Can't anyone carry a simple shoe? No, I will not wear flats. I am short, first of all and they make me feet look big. And I don't think they look nice with my suits. Plus that little heel gives my leg just a little bit of definition and well, it's all about making my legs look good right?

Is it really too much to ask for stores to carry a plain shoe, short heel, round toe? REALLY.

In other news, I am some sort of genius at my job. You know, when there is work to do and after thinking about it all day and trying to do things the hard way. Yup, under those circumstances, I am a genius.

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