Tuesday, March 20, 2007

the longest 15 minutes ever

really this should be the longest day ever. because I got nothin. and I have been to perezhilton.com 15 zillion times and I have been to everyone's blogs two, sometimes three times. I cleaned my desk, I went potty, got a drink, some soup, looked at yarn and craftster and I still got nothin. so I am posting again. and looking around just in case there's some work to do that I missed.

It's frustrating because I know coworker is busy. I have asked for a duty redistrubution and nothing happens. so I sit here on days like today and try and think of something to do. It occurred to me at 10 am that I would be far more productive at home. sleeping.

I almost got into a car accident this morning. I have to drive up a windy mountain road to get to work. There is construction on the road and even though I get here before construction starts, sometimes I still have to stop. This morning I had to stop abrubtly. So did the guy behind me. then I heard the noise. Thought I felt a tap.
When traffic started moving again I slowly headed to a place where it was safe to pull over. Three of us did. I popped out of my car and asked the buy behind me (with a smile. I wasn't mad. if he hit me, I didn't think there would be any damage) if he hit me. He hadn't.
Then he said I stopped suddenly and asked if the car ahead of me had too (I drive a small SUV, so I imagine he couldn't see in front of me) "yes." I replied, confused that he would ask. who goes from 50 to nothin for the fun of it on a two lane road?

His car didn't look so good but since there was nothing more I could do there, and I was alredy late, I wandered off. I told bossman what happened. he was just as confused as I was. I wanted him to know just in case I got reported for reckless driving. I can be fired for that. even off the clock.

I think the clock is taunting me.


Rich | Championable said...

You can be fired for reckless driving off the clock? WTF?

Gary said...

There is nothing slower than a slow day at work. I hope tomorrow is better.

Ginamonster said...

Rich, I work 5 miles up a long windy two lane road. An accident always means road closures, usually means life-flight, and often means death. with nearly 4000 employees, the folks in charge make it very clear that you must be on your best driving behavoir on that road.

Gary, tomorrow was better and today was downright busy!