Friday, March 30, 2007

A reverend's work is never done

I recieved a phone call the other day from my friend the florist wondering if I woul be interested in a little wedding work on the cheap. Apparently it is a low budget shotgun type marriage. (I'm not in it for the money, so I don't mind adjusting what I would charge. Not that I have charged yet, but I know how much I should be charging so...Heck, I'd be willing to trade for something.)

I called her back and told I was interested, but that I had to check my Harbucks schedule first. She told me that The Bride is deaf, but that her grandmother would interpret, and that the Groom's family only speaks Spanish, but that they would have an interpreter for that too.

I was scheduled to work during the ceremony, but was able to switch shifts with another Barista so that I would be done in time. I called my friend. as I was pulling over to write down the number, she put me on hold. It was the Grandmother. It turns out that they will be needing a Spanish speaking Minister after all. BUT it's possible that they still might use me if they can't find anyone else.

I knew Ordination would open up some interesting possibilities.


Sensei Ern said...

This sounds so much like a episode of "I Love Lucinda".

Can you imagine the counselling sessions if you required them before having the two married?

DO the have a prenup?

Gary said...

Maybe you could take a crash course in Spanish. :)