Thursday, March 29, 2007


The Drunkin Monkey.

Drunkin Monkey is a denisen of my tower home. He is also a world traveller. My Seester said that I need to share his adventures with the world and that he needs a blog of his own. Please go visit him. While you're at it, visit her too. She's updating again.

Meanwhile, as he is a travelling monkey, should you want to show him a good time, please let me know. He will be returning from Ohio in May. After a brief rest, he will gladly come to visit.

I do accept other travelling critters for visits to my tower home. I promise that they will learn to spin and make soap in addition to seeing all the sights I can fit into my busy schedule.


Rich | Championable said...

I'm so confused.

Sensei Ern said...

Have you seen the Jackie Chan Drunken Master series? In each, you see the martial art called , "Drunken Monkey". And it is done superbly.

GM, someday, I will have to stop by some time. I would enjoy learning how to make soap and how to spin.

I have made rope out of Taco Bell napkins. If you rip the napkin in the right direction into three seperate strips, it spins into a very fine cord. You can link the cords together and make a very long cord. Counter twist three cords and you have a fairly thin, fairly strong rope. Combine and counter twist three ropes and you have a normal size rope strong enough to lift a person.

I bet you are wondering how I know this...hour long lunches for a lunch that take 5 minutes to eat.

I stopped when I realized I was becoming obsessed. My wife still uses the coaster I made out of napkin cord, and sewn together with stretched Taco Bell bag strips (when you stretch strips of Taco Bell plastic bags, they make a very durable thread) that I threaded with a bent paperclip.

Monkey said...

We would LOVE to have your Drunkin-Monkey visit! Seriously.

Email us. I think he would love Maine. Wait until it stops snowing though.