Wednesday, March 02, 2005

The House

My new home (rental) was turned over to me last week and I am very excited about it. However, I did learn one very important lesson. If your new landlord offers to leave anything behind, other than appliances, say, NO!!
I was amazed when I walked in last Thursday to discover that things didn't look too much different than they did when the family lived there. I knew they were leaving food, but I didn't expect stale chips and crackers. Shampoo and soap in the bathroom. towels and washrags and underewear in the linen closet. shoes and a bathing suit bottom in bedrooms. More underwear. Bedding.
My favorite item? A coffee can with a lid on it that I found while talking to Mr Now. There was some sort of liquid inside. Turns out, it was the landlord's spit can. like spittooon. Poor Mr Now got to hear me screeching "getthisthefuckoutofmyhouserightnowIdon'teverwanttoseeitagain! Eewthat'sdiscusting!noIdon'tcareifyouaresentimentalgetitoutofmysightthisinstant!!!" I apologised for screeching in his ear, I still feel like a harpy.
BUT, we managed to get it all cleaned up and three truckloads of trash hauled away. I am sure there is more, but now that it has been cleaned and painted, I am ready to move in this weekend.
as I was saying to Mr Now, it feels good to be getting my life back on track and move forward again. I know he doesn't really know what that means because I have not given him the lowdown on my last major relationship (or on the last several non major ones...or really any of them except for the occational "dated a such n such once") But I know how important it is for me to move out of my mom's house and be out on my own again. I feel like I am finally climbing out of the well that C pushed me down. I can't believe it has been almost a year. Talk about personal growth. Mine tends to happen in leaps and bounds!

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