Monday, March 28, 2005


Have I mentioned yet my favorite pet peeve? the one where people use their phones in the bathroom?

I have a difficult enough time using a public restroom. I don't like people to hear my private business. Actually, call me silly, I don't like people to know I conduct that sort of business. I mean, we all know we all do it, do we really need to talk about it? Among close friends is one thing, but I really need to know you for at least 10 minutes before I'll talk potty, and I don't care if I have been sleeping with you for years, I WON'T go for the tandem tinkle. I need some private moments.

I realize that the advent of cell phones allows us to have conversations in places that we would not normally be able to conduct business. On the golf course. Hiking. in the car. But not the bathroom! I don't want the person you are talking to to hear my body noises. I don't think they want to hear mine, or yours for that matter. Have you ever been on the phone with someone and heard them flush?

Whatever it is you are saying can wait a couple of minutes until you walk out of the bathroom. Finish drying your hands and walk out before you dial! I won't answer in the "Library". It's no wonder we are an over stressed society if we won't stop business for 5 minutes while we eliminate. Funny, they will put phone disrupters in churches, but they won't put them in restrooms.


On a less exciting note, I had a great weekend. I spent the whole time with Boyfriend, we mostly napped. yes. napped. because we are old fuddyduddies at 30 (ish) well. he's 30 I'm not. I still have a couple more years. make that a few. a few is more than a couple right? I mean, I don't have to be 30 yet do I?

Friday, coworker came over for a chat. A long chat. I would have liked to have been blogging. or working. It was a nice chat. Then he leaned over my dutch door for a hug. and kissed my cheek. And mentioned that next time it would be nice if there wasn't a door between us. I, however, am glad there was a door between us and his kiss made me feel icky, and just who does he think he is being familliar with me like that? Then yesterday, he sent a "happy easter" message, which would have been fine except that he doesn't exactly call regularly so I can't help but question his motives. Maybe I am overreacting. But in all honesty, I don't usually overreact.

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