Wednesday, March 09, 2005


I was checking out my favorite blogs today, and stopped first at TequilaMockingbird (I always start at the bottom of my alphabetical favorites list) Her latest is about how she is not posting about her prom(s). Here is the link:

I, however, will admit to shamelessly discussing my prom because, it's funny. Not as dramatic as hers, or some of the stories in her comments, but a little piece of me either way. Also, I found pictures from my prom while I unpacked last night. We had a good laugh. I am still good friends with my prom date, so it's funny to see how he, and his twin have changed.

So I'm a sophomore and rumor has it that one of the cutest guys in school is going to ask me to the dance. I thought it was whatever spring dance was coming up. I was wrong, so imagine my surprise when he asked me to Prom. PROM! I picked the perfect dress. (it was fuschia. I had matching heels) I made it clear that at 15, I was not ready for sex. (When did I lose my ability to say no?) My mom liked him, I liked him. He picked me up in a limo. We ate at a nice restraunt. Prom was lovely (except I was too shy to dance much and I kicked him in the shin doing the twist) I had to be home by two. Kiss goodnight, I think that was the end of any sort of "relationship" we remained friends although I carried a torch for many years. Yes, Tequila, I still have my embossed wine glass.

Fast forward two years to my prom. I got asked. By a guy with green teeth. I found a reason not to go with him. It was a good reason, although I'm pretty sure he saw through it. I asked a guy I had recently become reacquainted with. He never answered. I finally had to call him and demand an answer. He declined. So I called up prom date number 1 and asked him. He agreed to go. Hooray!

Our class did not have very much money, so my prom was on a Friday. I went to school in sponge curlers, envisioning long luxurious curls. My mom got me out early. When the curlers came out, I had the most impressive golden afro. My date showed up feeling dashing because he hadn't shaved in a day or two. Went to an expensive restraunt where I ran out of money and my date had to help. (so embarrassed! He was cool about it). We arrived at the dance took pictures (the curls had relaxed by then) and my date disappeared. I wandered around looking for him for a little while, asking everyone I met "have you seen my date?".

No one had so I turned my corsage into an armband and my friend Stewart and I were the first on the floor. After all, this prom wasn't about him, it was about me!! I found him later, he had been picking up on other women. I wasn't angry, he paid more attention to me after that. I am glad now that I didn't let anything get in the way of having a good time. The After Prom Event (I was not a drinker) was additional fun. Then we went to Dennys till dawn. Off to my Friend Tammy's house where her parents cooked us all breakfast, and I was home by 7 am. No kiss good night this time, and I still wasn't giving it up. (No wonder the date went looking for it elsewhere)

I have to say, I had the best time. I would like to know if I still fit into my prom dress. (the second one. I grew out of the first one LONG ago!) I would actually like to wear it to my ten year reunion coming up in June. I doubt I will though. It's just funny to think about it.

The prom date apologized several months ago for the way he acted. He said he was going through a lot back then. I had forgiven him long ago, and now I think it's funny that my prom date was picking up on other women. We're good friends now. And I wouldn't trade that for all the after prom kisses in the world.

BTW, in the spirit of prom gifts, I can say this, that at my senior prom, they did not want to encourage underage drinking, so they did not allow the wine glasses I got from the first prom. Nope. They gave us all beer mugs instead.

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