Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Mother Plucker

I haven't mentioned my bird, which is strange because I think she's just great. I can talk about her all day.

Baby is a 13 year old African Grey Parrot. She's a plucker. but that I mean that she has pulled out over half her feathers. Crazy little thing. We found her the other day, she had pulled out a wing feather and was using it to scratch her head. Anyone who says that sapiens are the only tool users have never met Baby.

A foul mouthed little critter (I adopted her about 6 months ago and as long as she isn't cursing in MY voice, I can say she didn't learn it from me), she told my roomate the other day to go to hell and die. Since she came home to the new house, she has learned a bit of Merle Haggart and my roomate's name.

Smart too. She laughs at the funny parts of movies. She'll say goodbye when you leave, and goodnight when you cover her. She snorts like a pig and farts like a, well, I don't know who farts like that, but she will say "pardon me" so I guess she's polite.

In general, she doesn't like men. But she is most likely to imitate them. She does seem to like Boyfriend. I thought she liked me, but last night she took a huge bite out of my upper lip. She didn't even say "ow", she just glared at me. So here I am with beak marks, cleaning up with HO2 when Boyfriend gets there just in time to laugh at me for getting my face too close.

I guess I will have to make nicy nice when I get home.

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