Monday, March 21, 2005

Glorious Monday

Had a bang up busy weekend. threw a suprise party at the new place for my mom who turned 50. It was Ballerina themed and I decorated with pink tulle and streamers. Actually, I made my roomate and siblings do the decorating. It looked marvelous.
I was exceptionally dissapointed by the fact that there is a lack of Ballerina themed decor out there for purchase. apparently, it is no longer cool to want to be a ballerina. Having known some ballet dancers in my time, I have to say that although they freak at the idea of not being able to fit ito thier tutus after summer, the oneI know best does spend her entire off season happily drunk by the poolside and travelling to Vegas. Who would't want to do that for a living? This may have changed since the last time I saw her, she's part of "C's" world. so back to my rant, Apparently, little girls no longer want to be ballerinas, they would rather look like the Bratz, which, aside from the terrible injury they do the to english language, have ginormous heads and lips and are doing thier best to replace Barbie. Yes, these platform booted ho-bags are trying to oust the blonde babe herself who has already suffered the indigninty of a boob reduction and waist enlargement to better serve those who need to complain about idealizing women. As a member of the exculsive "perky D cup club" (all natrual baby) which I just invented and declared myself president of, I say that Barbie no longer represents me. But I still stand behind her. She's held every job imaginable and smiles through it all. She does, or doesn't need Ken. Which, I have to say, makes her the ultimate luckyspinster, which, by the way, since I don't know how to link to it, is a blog and website you HAVE to visit because it's great.
So I call on all of yo, who stand behind the Barbie to avoid those inner city fur bedecked Bratz and support Babs who, by the way looks FANTASTIC for her age.

all hail the PDCC. I am actively soliciting new members.

Had "the talk" with Mr Now and therefore he has been promoted to the official current Boyfriend. how strange it is to me to have a Boyfriend. Especially since I really feel as though he is the first "man" I have ever dated. It's hard to explain. I guess you would have to know my history. If you do, you know what I am talking about. I've always chased boys. the one's with the baby face. this one is a man. weird. He spent all day Saturday catering to my every need. he cleaned up the kitchen. he promised to fix the sink. he laughed and joked with my friends. My family likes him. At least, my mom says they do. He had an accurate count of how many weeks we have been seeing each other. I don't even have that I and I count everything! But I can't help but look at him and think. He's my Boyfriend. how strange that is. I'm sure I will get used to it. Actually, I'm looking forward to it.

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