Monday, March 14, 2005

Another Brag Fest

I really think that Mr Now is rapidly approaching Mr Wonderful although I am aware that we have only been dating for a month and I KNOW he is still on his best behavior. I know this because I met his friends last night and I listened to the things they said. I won't tell you what they said, but I still don't think his bad behavior will be that bad. Only time will tell. Goodness knows, I have met "Mr Wonderful" before.
However, this is how I have come to this conclusion.

  • Saturday, he came over and worked in my yard. I didn't ask, he just did. With his shirt off. NICE!
  • We went on an oddessy together to try and find ingredients for my Herb garden.
  • He wants to build a slip n slide for my roomate. When I said he would be her new hero and she might go about trying to steal his affections, he replied that his affections were not available for theft or purchase. She wouldn't really do that. The fact that he wants to build her a slip n slide is what get me.
  • He took care of me when I had a headache.
  • He's playful. and sweet. I like his personality.

I'm gong to make myself puke if I don't quit.

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