Friday, March 25, 2005

Poor little chichi

OW! I burned my left breast with my curling iron this morning. I would like to say that that's what I get for curling my hair while I am nakid, but really I would rather declare a day of mourning for the disfigurement of Leftie among all the members of the PDCC.

Having trouble shaking this cough, and now Boyfriend is sick too. I think he won't get as sick as me though. Nyquil has stopped working. so has cough meds. Last night I coughed so hard that my nyquil came back for a visit. gross. That was fun.

Almost forgot to mention that my mom ran in to "E" the other day. I had almost gone to his store, but I chickened out. He asked how I was ad they chatted for awhile. I know I need to go in there (because it's one of my favorite stores!) and also because I really don't like the way I handled all that. He really is such a wonderful person. I hope that we can be friends.

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