Friday, March 11, 2005


So I have been plagued, the last couple of days, by ex boyfriends. No, they have not been calling, merely residue pooping up unexpectedly. Perhaps it has something karmicly to do with the opening of the X box and sharing of pictures the other day. I do go into the X box periodically, but rarely is there anyone there to see the pictures. Hmm. Interesting.

Meanwhile, Tuesday, I was inoccently working when my cell rang. unfamilliar number. I answered, and it was "C's" mom. who I love and miss terribly. She had a massage lead for me. She didn't know that last year's tramas took me out of the field permenantly. I wonder what else he has not told her. Does she know we are no longer on speaking terms? Then, I remembered that Tuesday was his birthday. The temptation to email a birthday message was strong, but I overcame it. After all, I told him he wouldn't hear from me again. But it did put me in a funk.

Wednesday I recieved a call from my friend Sara who had just spken with "E". He mentioned a cramp in his neck, she mentioned me. His reply was "She called me two minutes before my shift and told me we shouldn't see each other anymore". I filled Sara in my my side. But I guess that means he has no idea what he did incorrectly where I was concerned. I am so tempted to peek at his blog to see if he even mentioned the incedent and to see what people had to say, but after last time, I know it would be a mistake. better to concentrate on the future with Mr Now.

Last night I went to the video store to get a DVD for Mr Now and I to watch. (Ray is a good movie. I wouldn't suggest the extended version, it is not well spliced) Apparently, "D's" info was still on my account. as the primary person. That has not come up at all in the past few months since I started renting again. I was suprised. talk about flashbacks from 4 years ago. So I switched it all over to my name. If he has a problem with that, he can call me. I doubt he will. I imagine he'll tell me not to worry about it when I tell him about it. (we're still on good terms.)

I never mentioned a conversation about hairdryers that happened between Mr Now and I. He doesn't have one. so he suggested that I try sticking my head in the oven...(I don't think he knew why I thought that was a great idea, but you do, so you can laugh with me) He was kidding too, of course.

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