Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Family fun

I went to my mom's last night for dinner. Was two hours late (a rarity for me) but since dinner wasn't ready yet, it was totally ok. Spent some good time with my family, and got to see little sis a bit. We played scrabble after dinner (she won. I gave up when I couldn't figure out what to do with Z and Q and no vowels) and a little bit of stringy cats cradle fun. I have retrained myself how to accomplish Jacobs Ladder. Some life skills are important. Brother was busy writing a research paper, my mom, went to bed early. she was tired. I think she works too much and after the whole hospital scare last December, I worry that she will collapse again. (

And, it's time to go. love to you all. until tomorrow.

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Sensei Ern said...

I hope your mom is ok.

I used to do string-whatever it is called. I can still make a three pronged harpoon, and I tell a story about a rabbit chased by a fox, while wrapping my fingers with string, then, as the fox is about to get the rabbit, I pull one string, the rabbit escapes down the loop, representing the rabbit, slips through my fisted-strung hand, and the string appears to zip right through my fingers.

Maybe some day, I will make a youtube video of it.

Here's a video I made on Google. I turn a nickel to a penny then to a dime: