Monday, July 17, 2006

I could use another day

I left last Friday for a bachelorette party in Vegas. I must be an old lady because I was in bed by midnight both nights. I tried to tell the girls that it was a BAD idea to keep going back to the hotel to change or whatever, but they insisted that they didn't want to wander the strip in thier dancing shoes. Apparently, unlike me, they don't suffer from the stop and drop* ailment that plagues me and mine.

But I had a nice time and just enough adventure. But I am tired and wish that I could be at home playing crafty.

Speaking of tireds, Derby kicked my butt on Thurday. it was my hardest practice yet. I wondered if the sport was for me, and then I realized that every time something becomes physically demanding and I don't get it, I find a reason to quit. but not this time. This time, they're stuck with me until they tell me not to come back. I'm not going to tell myself that just because I can't turn around without falling that it's "not for me". This time, I'm going to keep falling until I get it.


Gary said...

Sorry to hear that your dad is having problems. Everyone who starts using thinks they won't be the ones who get hooked. Many are obviously wrong.

Ginamonster said...

I try to explain that to those who's lives have not been touched by drug abuse, and they don't listen. It's such a sad reality.