Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I um, well, er...

got REALLY excited when I froogled kayaks and found this:


not that I um want it or anything but um, it sure would be cool to have it if, you know, I had somewhere to put it.

And yes, I know that logic suggests that the hull would get all scratched up but, um, I still want it in that kayak crush sort of way. like a celebrity crush. I know it's not practical, it would likely be a pain in the ass, really expensive and not at all practical, but I still want it, you know?


**I'm only kidding about the sugar daddy. unless you're young, cute, and nice. in which case, I could definately be up for it so um, let's talk kayaks, shall we?


Sensei Ern said...

Build your own kayak. That is why I got into stained glass. Sure it will take a while before you get skilled at it, but you will pick up a skill you did not have before.

Currently, I am working with a jewerler friend who is showing me how to make a new wedding ring for my wife (she lost her ring when it fell off her finger because she has lost a lot of weight).

I built a catapult because it looked fun to have one. It was 1:12 scale and would shoot dog food chunks 45'.

Ginamonster said...

um, I live in an apartment. there isn't even room to set up my table saw. Otherwise, I would LOVE to buid myself a kayak!

Sensei Ern said...

So it will be a tiny kayak. Make one that converts into a cot and get rid of your bed.

Get rid of your kitchen table and cover your table saw with a tablecloth when not in use...with the blade retracted, it has a built-in napkin holder!

shqipo said...

So, you want to talk kayaks huh? OK, let's talk. I'm young, cute, rich... oh hell, who am I kidding :)

What sensei is saying is a pretty good idea, maybe I should pick a new skill as well. Such as...fixing cars which I love to race - err, drive.

Afterall, I always listend to my sensei (not ern, I don't know him) - I'm serious!

sports supplies volleyball said...

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Ginamonster said...

What I was trying to say was, a "glass" kayak would be pretty cool to have if I had somewhere to put it.