Monday, July 31, 2006

Weekend Update

I wore my very cute little white dress with little red flowers on it to the wedding I attended on Saturday. It was an outdoor affair. It rained. Thankfully, there was an indoors to escape to and C (it was a mutual friend) had a rain coat in his car. I'm sure pictures are forthcoming.

Sunday was The Punk Rock Craft Fair. It was also an outdoor affair, it was also raining. thankfully I am a master procrastinator and I still had tarps in my car from Yellowstone. My soap did not get wet. I sold more than I have sold all year, which is still less than I had hoped (I set my expectations high at sell-out) but I am still happy. I'm looking forward to going home and taking inventory and all that.

Meanwhile, Biker Bob cleaned out his closet and presented me with a whole monkeyload of old jeans, one of which will become a new pair of cutoffs, the rest of which will be crafted into other things. I'll have to think of something extra interesting to do with the courds his ex left behind...


shqipo said...

There's a punk rock craft fair?!

Ginamonster said...

YES! it was fun.