Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Danger ahead

So, I was at Wal Mart yesterday because, well, they have everything I need or don't need under one roof and I wanted a new movie (Bought Bridgette Jones, Edge of Reason, forgetting that the movie was so painful I didn't like it all that much) and to look at yarn maybe (I didn't buy any. good girl) and office supplies.

While in the movie section, I ran accross a title "Leroy and Stitch" which apparently is another sequal to Lilo and Stitch with, is one of my favorite movies. Leroy, apparently, is Stitch's evil twin. Leroy, is also the name of my father. You know, the MIA one. I called my sister, we had a giggle about it.

This morning, someone called the business line. at 6 am-ish. I, of course, did not answer, but I looked and they appear to have left a meesage. Guess I will know when I get home!

I arrived at work, and there was a mystery message on my phone. I thought I heard Daddy's voice in the distance.

Then, my mom forwarded me a message so that I could be prepared. Daddy is looking for me. I doubt he will actually make enough effort to actually get ahold of me. I wonder what he wants. Last time he tried calling he needed a ride somewhere, but I was in Yellowstone. The time before that? He needed me to convince my mom to lend him money. That was around Christmas for those of you who weren't around then. It had been two years, at that point since I had heard his voice.

I knew there was a reason I had been wearing my grandmother's ring lately.

It makes me sad that the first thing I think is, "I wonder what he wants" but I can't worry about him any more. It's a waste of my time.

So, my dad got a hold of me, and apparently, he was arrested again. (As Biker Bob reads this, I imagine he's considering running away.) He is supposed to get sentenced today. Without going into details, mostly because I don't have any, I don't know why he was arrested. He says he's clean but I don't believe him. He also says he is trying to get into a program.
Meanwhile, he is behind on the rent for the storage unit that holds everything he owns. Which means the Heirlooms, china, antiques, pictures, everything. (I don't care about his personal crap)
Yes, I paid the rent. and will continue to do so while he is in jail if he goes, but regardless, I want the heirlooms. The antiques, pictures, the rest of the china. (I took a bunch last time he was in jail. Sometimes he asked me to take it, when I did, he was mad.) so, ifn he doesn't put me on the account, then I will take care of it my way. I still have power of Attourny, and have never used it for personal gain. I don't know where I will put it all, I'm sure he will throw a fit. But I don't see as where I owe him anything at this point.


Sensei Ern said...

The 6am call might have been from the Eastern Time, it wasn't me. 6am there is 9am here.

It might have been a business opportunity.

My dad went MIA, too. I refused to help him much, and never financially. We now have a decent relationship.

Ginamonster said...

generally, the Bubble Phone doesn't ring unless it's a sales call. Nice people on the east coast consider the time difference. I certainly don't call my friend in VA at 9pm my time!

Sensei Ern said...

My brother in San Diego does, sometimes.

As to the heirlooms, there is nothing wrong with absconding them before he hocks them for a little money. Make sure you take the stuff that is important to you.

You are not taking things because they are worth money, but because they are worth something to the family.

What I would do is negotiate with him. "OK, dad, I will pay the rental, but I get the family china."

Or, "I'll pay the rent, and until you pay me back, I will take the stereo. If you fail to pay me back, I will sell it to get my money back." Chances are you will now be the owner of a decent stereo. Parents use this tactic to teach children to be responsible.