Tuesday, July 11, 2006

What the Fuck??

My blog was discovered using the following phrases.

slade ham (okaayyy...)
subcutaneous horn (this one is kind of regular. I actually wish I know more about the phenomenon so that there was knowlage to be gained from it)
i was raised on bread and baloney (blink, blink...)
how to tease him lick (um...I um...wow.)
bad party games (not so bad.)
masterbation using a hairbrush (EEK!!! What? No!!)
latex socks (another regular one. but a really weird regular one)
children, dicipline, counselling (I'm actually afraid to know about this one.)


1 comment:

Sensei Ern said...

The Slade Ham part is probably my fault. He is a comedian from Texas. I recommend you check out his website, www.sladeham.com. I believe the two of you would hit it off real well.

Slade Ham is his real name.

I could even see you two getting married...How cool would it be to introduce him at a party? "This is my husband, Slade." Plus, Gina Ham has a decent ring to it.

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