Friday, July 28, 2006

Passive Agressive? I hope not.

So yesterday, I was feeling unusually domestic and I got it in my head to cook a nice dinner for Biker Bob and I. I was dissapointed to discover that he had A LOT of work to do, but we worked it out so that he could work at my house.
After a few phone calls, (one of which I may have gotten a little be bitchy about ending because he was telling me all about the wonders of motorcycle racing and I am not a chat on the phone for the sake of chatting kind of gal) we decided that he was going to stop by work and then come over.
So I went home and started cooking because the cookbook said it would take 30 minutes to cook the main dish. I even made a pudding pie. I make biscuits twice because I burned them the first time. Stay tuned for a list of reasons why I hate my stove. I rocked out to Guns 'n Roses and took out the trash and cleaned the kitchen. I got progressively cranky because it had been an hour and a half and he wasn't there.
I finally spoke to him on the phone, he had gotten sidtracked by his boss at work, which really is a good excuse, but I was already cranky. Then he started telling bad jokes to waylay my crankiness, and I may have gotten a little snappy before I got off the phone. In my defense, see above statement about the phone.
Dinner, was actually pretty good. Edible at least, except the meat was cold. I mentioned more than once that perhaps it would have been better warm. I wasn't saying it to be bitchy, I really think it would have been better warm. or hot. I even mentioned that it may have been cold despite being kept in the microwave until BB got there (the stove was busy rebaking biscuits, remember?) because the recipe called to cook the meat AND THEN the sauce. But I still wonder if I was being unconciously passive agressive.
Maybe I should accept that maybe I am not cut out for a life of domesticity.

Reasons Why I Hate My Stove:

Things take extra long to bake. which means I tend to forget they are in there. and then I have burned biscuits and cookies. How am I supposed to claim to be good at baking when my stuff gets burned all the time??

It's not level. REALLY not level. so everything I cook is tilted. Which means sauces don't get cooked evenly because they are deep in some places and shallow in others. Which means that my veggies sometimes sit in thier own steam water because while it was even when I filled it, it isn't when I set it down.


Sensei Ern said...

I cook everything, and I mean everything, in a wok.

Even steaks. Veges taste extra good when they are dripping with sauce from the ribeyes.

Gary said...

Try putting something metal under the lower side of the pan, like a spoon or breadknife. That should level it nicely.

Biker Bob may be a fun person, but I'm not sure how he rates on the reliability scale. OJO!

Ginamonster said...

thanks Gary, I will try that. He always arrives eventually...

Sensei, I fear that a wok would roll right off the burner! Really!