Wednesday, July 05, 2006

July 4th fun

It was nice to sleep in. I woke up natrually at the late hour of, um, (fuck!) 7am. But I snoozed until 10 so I think it's ok.

Then I met the bride and groom and signed thier paperwork. so now they are really officially married. Since we were RIGHT THERE, I asked Biker Bob if we couldn't go visit the birdies at Bird Crazy. those nutty Cockatoos jumped me for snuggles. really if I could afford it I would get one, but it would hurt Baby's feelings something terrible and she would hate me forever. She's already jealous of Biker Bob.

Then we went to REI. he wanted to look at the bikes, I was drooling over kayaks (well, not the ones they sell there, but the concept of maybe someday having a kayak of my very own). We discussed the reasons the Derby girls wear skateboarding helmets instead of bike helmets. I don't see why there is a question. It makes sense to me. I'm sure there is a reason, but I don't feel the need to question it, I just want to protect my head from the very hard rink floor.

Then we went to a party with BB's friends and I did my best to be social. I was not uncomfortable, and although he teased me about it, Biker Bob stayed by my side. He just doesn't understand my social anxiety, and that's ok, because if i didn't experience it, I probably would not understand it either. I left the party early for work.

It was likely my worst night at Harbucks. I was mildly bitter for being there in the first place (not helped by learning that my manager could have closed shop at 6pm but she chose to stay open until 11:30, our normal closing time. mental note for the somedays...) and my consolation sparklers? couldn't find them. But Biker Bob came over and sat with me during my break, which was VERY nice.

I fear I might be painting Biker Bob as a bit of a brutish fellow. I hope that you know me well enough to be aware that such is not my type.

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Gary said...

I totally understand social anxiety. I used to have it really bad when I was younger. Fortunately, I have gotten rid of it.You can too.