Friday, May 25, 2007

Oh. Dang

There were of course, things that I wanted to blog about as soon as I got to work this morning, and of course, as per usual, I forgot what they were.

I am, however, feeling better about my trip since I spoke with my carpooling partner who, in addition to laughing at my obsessing (surprisingly, laughing at me usually makes me feel better as long as you aren't being cruel), was very happy to continue to plan with me. And I am prepared to fully ignore the women folk in preference to the men if they are anything less than friendly which, should make them love me all the more but, um, it was the men folk I was friends with in the first place and well, ifn they can't handle my presence, it's their problem not mine. I am going to go eat pringles and easy cheeze, wheat thins and chocolate donuts, and they can have their insecurity and their diets. Good golly, I'd be a wreck if I felt all the time like I felt yesterday and THANK GOODNESS I snapped out of it. and THANK GOODNESS I am aware of the possibility for feeling that way again so I can avoid it. Because I still don't think I am the problem. I'd admit it if I were.

There might be more later. If not, I will be thinking of our wonderful service people as I tube on the river this weekend and bless them with every chocolate donut. I shall drink heartily the Seagrums 7 and Hawaiian Punch and toast jollily with black cherry soda. Unless I have a major inspiration between now and noon when I plan to go home, I will see you all (likely) Monday.

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