Saturday, May 12, 2007

Meme from Fringes

First memory
It may be strange, but I sincerely believe that my first memory was in-utero (en?) I remember my father telling my sister to look at the Alligator in It's a Small World at Disneyland. When I asked my mom about it years later, she said that they had indeed gone to Disneyland when she was pregnant with me. Since they split for good not long after I was born, it is doubtful that my parents ever went to Disneyland together again. The next couple of memories were probably aroung 2 yrs. maybe 3. They are far more traumatic.

First injury
HAD to be the time I was at Knotts Berry Farm and I got my fingers shut in the restroom door jam. I would have been 5 or 6. I'm not sure why I rested my hand there, but my poor Seester came bursting out of the restroom when she heard me scream. I remember her comforting me and I remember going to the medical people who put my very squished finger in a splint. They also soaked me in ice water and asked if I was married which pissed me off because they were asking stupid questions. Of course I wasn't married! I got xrays for that one and got to wear my splint at school which of course made me cool.

First lie
First big lie. 5th grade. I was lazy and wanted to socialize instead of doing my big research report on "Explorers" So each day when my teacher would ask where we were on the project, I would tell her I was right were I should be with it. Of course it caught up with me. And I was in huge trouble. I don't really think now that the level of punishment matched the crime, but I was definately miserable for awhile.

First person I admired
Probably my Seester. She is 4 years older and was SO grown up. and SO cool. and she used to sing to me. I just couldn't wait to be like her. I still admire her greatly and look up to her. And she's still there to help when my fingers get stuck in heavy door jams.

First time drunk
I was 18. a little buzzed, not really drunk. And the story isn't exciting. Or really even notable.

First failure
I don't know that I have failed. Have I not succeeded? yeah. many times. have I made mistakes? have I wished I had handled things differently? YES! But I'm still alive, and I learned and I moved on (mostly) I don't call that failure.

First success
I see every day as a success.

First trip abroad
I have yet to leave the country except to go to Mexico, but that doens't count because I haven't been past Roserita and I live in a border town.

First concert.
The Greatful Dead. Thats a good story.

First thing I do when I get up
Turn the sink water on to heat up while I pee.

In other news, I recieved the following message on MySpace yesterday.

How are you doing Ginamonster ?
Are you tired of throwing your money away every time you go and buy hair extensions and get your weave done? If the answer to my question is yes, then check out my page.
I sell the solution to bad hair days. I have sent you a friend’s request.

Have you heard about lace front wigs?
Lace front wigs and full lace wigs are wigs that have invisible hair line that allows hair to appear as the hair is actually growing right from your scalp!!!! and this wig is free style, so it can be parted from anywhere

These wigs are made of the highest quality Indian or Chinese hair and they can be custom made just to fit your head.

I have post some pictures of Beyonce wearing lace front wig. These wigs are so amazing and soooo undetectable to the eye.

Please if you have any questions feel free to send me a note.



To which I replied...

Hi Joyce,
Thank you for thinking of me. At this time I use neither weaves nor wigs to achieve my hair styles. I also don't believe that Indian or Chinese hair will match the texture and color that natrually grows from my head. Good luck with your business.

In other, other news, I learned yesterday that Coworker K is not only a dad but a Grandpa. Eek! now I'm attracting grandpas! Actually, things have gone back to normal on that front. If anyone acts funny it's me.

Here's the triple other,

I learned last nigh that Wayne "doesn't like" me anymore. Which would explain why he has been doing his best to insult me and try and convince me to quit Harbucks since it's a "waste of my time". Honestly, he's been treating me like the Sportos did in high school. You know, where they make fun of who you are and try to hurt your feelings. Luckily, I like who I am and who I have become and I am not about to change myself because some asshole decides I am not who he wants me to be. I realized back in high school that the people who don't accept me for who I am aren't worth my time. And there is certainly no room in my world for bullies and assholes. I think that once he realized that I wasn't going to sleep with him, he had no use for me. And of course it's my fault in his mind because he's such a catch. I kind of feel sorry for him a little bit. And I am NOT quitting, he can go hang out at another Harbucks if he doesn't want to see me there.


Rich | Championable said...

That first memory is really, really cool.

Buzz said...

Yeah, no sense in having downers in your life like W.

Never thought the sportos would be that way toward you, sorry to hear that.

For the record, I was and still kinda am a sporto and I dig you a ton...


Ginamonster said...

Rich, I think so too.

Buzz, you'd be surprised. but without their attitude, I would never have learned that I don't need those people. Not the sportos, the assholes. It wasn't all of them, and I didn't have it as bad as some. That was many years ago. I think we are all differnt people now. I thank you for your kind regards.

fringes said...

Hey, thanks for participating! I'm late getting over here...awesome post.