Monday, May 07, 2007

Long time

Or at least it seems like that way. I don't have a whole lot to report. I enjoyed Spiderman. It started out a little slow, but by the end, I was jumping out of my seat. It was fun watching Topher Grace on the big screen. I think he's cute. He played an ass.

Went to play with my friends on Saturday night. It was the first time we had a gathering where the men folk went outside and stayed there, and the ladies, stayed inside. Since I am somewhere in between, it was strange for me. It wasn't a wild party, just a kick back, Usually we all play together, this time, like last, there was a definate seperation of gender. Last time, I went and playeg Guitar Hero with the boys while the women talked about weddings, this time I stayed in and conversed. Felt like I talked about myself a lot. I don't like that feeling. There were a few other feelings I didn't like either, but I won't get into that here. Like Rich, I am feeling less than anonymous these days, which isn't surprising, I am open about my blog, I just don't give out the adress. But it's easy to find if you know me, you know?

was feeling cranky today. At work. I have decided that when my review comes around, (soon) I need to express my discomfort and the way I think we should fix it. You see, CoWorker and I have the same job description. I don't know if I have mentioned that we are supposed to be interchangable. Over the past couple of years, I have watched her take over a good portion of the available job duties. I have grown increasingly insecure about my position. I have tearfully metioned it to Bossman. But still the puch remains that we should be interchangable. That we do the same things. We don't. She has certain duties that I stay away from, although I could take over in an emergency, because they are detail oriented and having more than one finger in the pie could really fuck things up. She doesn't reproduce drawings.

Today, she touched the drawings, doing something that I could have done (because it needed to be done) which would have meant that I would have spent 10 less minutes "goofing off" and 10 more minutes feeling useful to my department. And I became angry.

I kept it to myself as I am wont to do until I can understand why I am angry, and I came to realize that my anger was misdirected. That it isn't her fault she ends up doing all the work while I surf the net until someone makes a drawing request, It's managements responsibility to make sure that duties are evenly distributed. That people have clear, consise job duties, and while cross training is essential, it is just as important that there be a seperation of duties. And EVEN seperation of duties not a "free for all" that goes to the first person to grab the work. The first person happening to be Coworker because she is closest to the door. And she is the type of person who will do any work that comes across her desk. And no matter how often I offer to help, and I do almost every day, she keeps the work because she is probably just as insecure about her position as I am about mine! (and she has 3 kids to support) She wants to make sure she is essential. So do I. And I think i is my management staff's responsibility to ensure that we are both comfortable. I don'e expect to be busy all the time. More frequently would be great.

There was, after all, plenty to do today, and NO time to surf the net which felt pretty good, actually.

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