Wednesday, May 02, 2007

about to shut down

I finally got tired of waiting for someone to come along (or me to get the courage to ask, you know, pick one, I know which one is true.) and I gathered up a good dishing of determination (or stupidity, pick one) and hauled my new loom out of the car and up to my apartment. Since I don't have my own camera crew, there are no pictures of me all hot and sweaty carrying it through my apartment complex. Although I can see the street from my tower, I cannot see my car. (actually, the trees are almost completely blocking my porch and bedroom window these days which is WAY COOL. It feels like I live in a tree house) but there is a picture of the loom in it's current home.

I spent a good portion of my evening untangling warp threads (she said it was ready to go, but I think she may have been on crack. Actually, she was a very nice lady. strange, as people of my faith so often are, but nice) and then, after I cut off several lengths of very nice chenille and even nicer (what appears to be) silk, I went ahead and started warping the thing so I can use it. This weaving thing might just kill me because although the HOUR I spent in the exercize room last night didn't seem to hurt me a bit (Are you proud of me? I have been bragging all day. and no, I didn't just read in there, AND I didn't go to look at cute boys, I had the place all to myself, which is just how I like it)

So my back hurts, my shoulders hurt and my hands ache in a way that is abnormal but becoming normal in my world. I stopped for awhile to go get Taco Bell (the drive through boy flirted with me. yes I am bragging, he was like, 16. he actually said to me, "what's a woman like you doing poisoning herself in a place like this?" heh. I told him it is 31 cent scoop night at Baskin Robbins and I thought since I was in the area, I'd Taco Bell it. So I did (I learned that the 1/2 pound bean and rice burrito has TOMATOES in it. I tried to pick them out but I think I might have eaten a couple. thankfully I did not die like the Rock King in Return To Oz). Meanwhile, I ate my two scoops on my way home (I knitted in line and made friends with two children and their mom in the process. apparently, I am no longer frightening to children. they flirt with me a lot too, in their sweet child like way, and it makes me happy)

I thought I would post my very exciting evening before I collapse face first into a pile of dusty yarn. I really fear I might. Goodnight.


fringes said...

Sounds like a great day!

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

What a fantastic day! :) Cute little flirt comment by drive through boy, hehe!

NWJR said...

Nice Rock King reference.