Monday, November 06, 2006


Sorry that I have been missing. Things have been busy and I went out of town. I will have internet at my house after tomorrow, so you can expect all sorts of pictures and stories in a more timely manner. I will also be more candid about work stuff since I won't be blogging from work. Nothing bad, of course. I'm still blessed with an excellent job and a wonderful boss working for a fantabulous company. But every so often...


Found out the Douchebag has a girlfriend and while it was tempting to start calling all the time and sending text messages and generally getting him in trouble, I decided that SHE doesn't need the heartache and that it is punishment enough that she dates him. Plus, I'm not really that kind of woman. There is a picture of me giving him my number, but I don't have it yet.

T appears to be MIA. I'm a little worried about him, but I know things are hectic for him at work right now so he likely doesn't have time to chat right now. And if he has decided to disappear out of my life? I would miss him, of course, he's a dear friend and one of the few people in this world I can say ANYTHING to, but, well, you know.

Haven't really heard from Biker Bob either. he emailed me last Wednesday, I replied on Friday. I have no idea if he still pops in to read this.

I returned to work Friday to learn that my hours changed. I now have to be here at 6:30. more on that later.

There was an email in my box from my cousin who met a guy she wants me to look up on I'm not a member, but I will go peek. She has generally good taste in men and certainly knows what I am attracted to! She actually met him, she wasn't surfing the internet looking for dates for me. I think it's funny.

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Rich | Championable said...

Life, amigo. Sometimes it's just wacky but not entirely bloggable.

Stay cool, rock on.