Sunday, November 12, 2006


I seem to have gotten over my writer's block, and I started a lengthy post all about my grandparents, who they are, how blessed I am to have known so many of my recent ancestors and their husbands and such. And then I realized that the post was getting boring. Stale. Uninteresting. Even to me.

So I deleted at all and started thinking about the core of my grandparental musings.

Last week, we almost lost Grandma. Grandma has always been exceptionally healthy. She may have Leukemia, but it's a form that is pretty benign, so it is just there. Like a little rain coud. But last week, last week was scary. She was getting ready for church when she started experiencig chest pains. Pains that radiated down her arm, so she said to Grandpa, "I'm not going today". And he took her to the hospital.

They found three blockages and put stints in them all. But the Dr said that she would have had a massive heart attack and died within a week had she not gone in.

And I thought about how horrible and empty life would be without her. My mom headed out to AZ to be with her, and they had a wonderful time just relaxing and being together. I talked to her last night and she sounded great. I'm ashamed to say that I didn't have her number and had to get it from my mom.

I nagged my mom about taking it easy too. It's been almost a year since we almost lost her. When she dropped dead from exhaustion and stress. (I think of it like a video game charactor that ran out of life energy because they were fighting too much. thankfully, it didn't take too long for her life points to be restored)

Life is so delicate. and so easy to take for granted. I can only hope that I will take this opportunity to be a better granddaughter.

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