Saturday, November 11, 2006

Listen to your heart

When he's calling for you....

So my heart told me that today would be a total flop and it wasn't total, but pretty darn close. I'm thankful though, that I had friends there to keep me company. Shop was open from 10 to 6, I had a total of 5 customers, (6 if you count Celine) all of whom came around 1. I have not yet counted my spoils for the day. My grandparents were my biggest customers.
However, not one to give up, I will research better options for venue next year (borrow a house?) and advertise better. maybe I will post pictures of my boobs around town. I did make a contact of the woman who owns the floral shop down the street, and hopefully she will help me get to know the local businesses and service groups around town. I have patronized the local businesses, I just have not met the owners.

I can't decide if I want to watch "Cars" or go to bed. I should put stuff away. The pumpkin bread was fantastic. Fan freaking tastic. mmm.


Rich | Championable said...

Did you eat pumpkin bread in bed while watching Cars?

That sounds pretty perfect.

Ginamonster said...


I don't have a TV in my room right now. and if I did, I don't eat in my bed. Beds are for sleeping. and, um, other stuff too. But definately not for