Thursday, November 09, 2006

My very first HNT. I voted, did you?

Ahh. there's nothing like gratuitous boobage to brighten your day. You gotta love the built in camera on my new Mac. As soon as I figure out how to dowload pictures from my camera onto the new computer, I will show you pictures of that too. I'd put the HNT button on my sidebar, but when i tried to do it the other day, nothing happened. sigh. this new computer thing is taking some getting used to. BUT I have my very own Chi Pet. He doesn't seem to do anything. hmm.

I've been super duper busy, which is frustrating because I have been wanting to blog about all the crazy things in my world, but since I have internet at home, I don't want to do it at work , and I have not really been at home to play with the computer. When I am at home, I have been sleeping, or, this afternoon, I was working on soapy stuff.

I am now offering wholesale pricing to try and expand my customer base. It's tough to give up a portion of my profit margin, but I don't want to buy mailing lists ad I don't have enough contact with people to buid up verey quickly. I have been thinking that I would set Bubbly Creations up with a MySpace account, since that seems to be an excellent way for people to get noticed (I'd really get noticed if I put the boob picture on the profile!!) but I don't think that the people on MySpace are looking for soap. I think that they are looking for a hook up. And I don't have one of those. (No, not everyone on MySpace is looking for a hook up. but there are a lot of people there for that reason) I think it's an excellent tool for bands and for comediens, but i'm not sure about a product line. I'll think about it. I have also been considering starting a BC blog, which would be WAY easier to update than the website, but I don't really know how to link the blog from the website. AND I still have yet to follow Sensei Ern's "how to build a banner" directions. Sigh.

Otherwise, things have been amazingly normal. Well, as normal as my world ever is. I have flash backs and great bloggable ideas, but I just keep forgetting to write them down so by the time I get home, I have forgotten what I was so wound up about in the first place.

The new work hours are difficult. I haven't had a problem getting up at 5:30, but man, am I groggy when I have worked at Bucks and am running on a couple of hours of sleep.

Heard from Biker Bob the other day.

I'm hungry and I don't have enough of the basics to make anything that I have in the house. I'm REALLY tired of Macaroni and Cheeze. Really. I did discover the Jack n The Box House Burger on Tuesday. It was so good I had one yesterday too. I don't generally eat fast food, so this is kind of a big (and bad) discovery. I highly recommend it if you have a Jack n the Box, it's big and beefy and perfectly seasoned with black pepper. and you can pick your cheeze. and it has LOTS of lettus. I could rant on it all day, but I'm making myself hungry for one and that isn't good. I'll have to walk over to the grocery and get some real food in a minute.

I guess that's it.


NWJR said...

I have the Chi Pet, too! If you don't water him, he dies. Very sad.

Nice boobage.

Rich | Championable said...

It's very funny to try and reconcile the boobage with the cogent small-business commentary in the same post.

Ginamonster said...

hee hee. I am a many faceted woman. And able to switch conversational directions on a dime. It's a great trai for dealing with other people with short attention..hey something shiney!

Rich | Championable said...

I'm sorry. What are we talking about?

Osbasso said...

Welcome to HNT! I think you'll have fun!

Be sure to stop by my site to leave a comment on my HNT so that people will know you're out here. And you can see who the rest of the half-nekkid are!

Chickie said...

Heh, you having a home computer is a really great thing!

shqipo said...

a hint? a hint about what? I don't get it? Can you give us some more hints?