Sunday, November 19, 2006

I just saw

the new James Bond Movie and it was AWESOME. i'm not even all that into Bond, but this was great.

And now that I have seen it I will have to revise my top ten list, which I haven't done in awhile. So I am off to search my old posts to see who was on it before.

Ok, I'm back. It started out looking like this:

1.Orlando Bloom
2.Colin Firth
3.Jimmy Fallon
4. Jet Li
5. Ryan Reynolds
6. leonardo DiCapprio

then I added the following:

1. Orlando Bloom
2. Peter Krause
3. Toby Keith
4. (jimmy fell off at some point) Ryan Reynolds
4. Leo

Then something got all screwey so here is the current list:

1. Daniel Craig (Who I had never seen before but who made me go all giggly and bashful. He quite really took my breath away.)
2. Josh Dumahl
3. Tom Welling
4. Ryan Reynolds
5. Leonardo DiCapprio (who really is the original celebrity crush. And he's looking really good again)
6. Orlando Bloom (fell because he's gotten too skinny and he's been seen smooching on some really skanky ladies of late)
7. Toby Keith
8. John Schneider
9. Nick Lachey (come on, you know he's hot.)


Jester said...

Thanks for stopping by my site yesterday!

I"m ok with most of your list, but I have to question the inclusion of Toby Keith.

He's a big clumsy oaf... and having met him in person, I can assure you, the his general A-Hole-ness is enough to put you off forever.

Gary said...

I just saw the James Bond previews on TV. Normally TV previews don't impress me, but I really liked these. i think I'll go see the movie. Thanks for the review.

Ginamonster said...

really? Gosh, I'm always sorry to hear when someone is an ass. It's purely an eye candy thing.

Gary, I really think you will like it.

shqipo said...

What happened to Jet Li?

Sensei Ern said...

You really want Daniel Craig on that list? Nto for action star mannerisms, but, let's just say, you meet him, and you both fall madly forever in love.

You decide to tie the knot.

You take his name, you will be known as Gina Craig. People will look at you as the generic version of the diet queen.

So, you keep your name. Danny gets upset, and already you two are off to a bad start.

So, you forego the marriage, and decide to shack up. During a night of hot steamy romance(Bond does romance, not redneck rolling sex) get pregnant when the condom fails.

He can't handle kids, so he leaves. You having to raise James Bond Jr by yourself. Ninjas will show up to kill the baby. Dr. Zhivago tries to laser the baby. Some oil tycoon in Vegas tries to make him a cyborg. Finally some whack job with a Golden Gun tries to send him to a space station only to blow the thing up while trying to contaminate the world with some green disease, only to be rescued by a guy with steel teeth and some Helga he met on

Do you really want to put yourself through all of that kind of worry?

I didn't think so. You need to take him off the list.

scramble word: aisikbch (I am NOT commenting on that one.)

Ginamonster said...

Shqipo, I don't know1 I need to put him back on there!!!

Sensei, HAHAHAHAHAHA! anyway, I don't want to sleep with him, I just like looking at him in the movie. I'm sure he'll be pushed off the list by the next hot thing.