Thursday, November 16, 2006

Another HNT

I had to take my shoes off to take the picture. Now my toes are a little cold.

Meanwhile, so that I could look at a fellow that my cousin met, I signed up with I wasn't interested in him (not attracted, plus he lives far away) but I took the time to fill out my information anyway. I got winked at! Which was flattering, although one of the fellows reminded me of Biker Bob enough that I crossed him off right away. Not lookswise, Biker Bob is far more attractive than that guy, but in other ways. The other guy lives far away. I winked at a couple of fellows, (oh hey! My downsized documents live over there! I wondered where they go! Sorry. Still learning the new computer) and after I sent the first one it took me a couple of minutes to recover from the fit of blushing. Jeez. And C came up on my search. I was tempted to look at his profile to see if we "match", but I decided that it would be weird. I also thought about sending him a wink, for fun, and since he will read this eventually, he's gonna tell me I should have, but I didn't. I just talked to him an hour ago anyway.

I was pondering something very interesting today, but now, of course, I can't remember what it was.

I looked up my dietary needs on the Food website, and found that I eat really bad according to them. But I look at other people's diets and think that I can't be THAT bad. I don't know. I am going to do the best that I can not to overindulge on the things I like best, like cookies and steak fries. Yesterday was the first day I ate lunch at my desk instead of in the cafe. I felt kind of bad, but I did explain to our admin why, and she seemed to understand. She agreed that Bug Guy often eats badly. And Coworker agreed that he uses me as an excuse to eat the "good" food instead of the healthy stuff he is supposed to be eating.

I'm thinking I want to create a business blog. I'd love comments on it. There, I could keep track of where my batches are and post updates on upcoming events far quicker than I can by mailing postcards. I don't have the ability to post verbiage on the website, only change the products around and post pictures (better that way, I don't speak HTML). And I could reach a far larger audience that way. Then, too, perhaps I wouldn't talk shop here quite so much. And Rich wouldn't have to reconcile the prim office talk with the photos of my boobs.


Regal said...

a very nice photo of your chilly toes

Gary said...

I think Match has some real possibilities for you. Keep it up and see where it goes.

shqipo said...

best of luck to you with