Tuesday, October 31, 2006


it's not that I have lacked for blogging material, it's that every time I have started to blog, something came up or Blogger was down for maintenance. Or yesterday when I couldn't even log in.

I suppose the best thing to do would be to begin with Friday when I discovered at Bunco, that mixing Pop Rocks and soda does not make your belly explode. Yes, I know many people tried this as kids, but I never seemed to have Pop Rocks AND soda at the same time. So I tried it because I had been drinking (it was Friday night, not the usual Wednesday) and that is my excuse for the entire weekend. We also watched The Shining which was not AS scary as the first time, but still had it's moments and still way ahead of it's time and Stanley Kubirck, might have been a genius with his film shots, but I can't say for certain because as far as I know, I have only seen that one movie.

Saturday, I worked during the day but late enough that I got to sleep in, and I was off early enough to take a nap before the Halloween parties of the evening. Yes. Parties. I was invited to two. One, was hosted by my mom's realtor who became a friend of the family. Here is a shameless advertisement. The other, by my friends in Temecula. I went to the realtor's party first with the attitude that if there were enough cute boys, (I didn't know anyone except the host) I might not make it to the second party. There were plenty of attractive men, but all of them were occupied with girlfriends and wives. Except one. We'll call him Douchebag. He spent the entire evening telling me all about myself, in a psychoanalysing kind of way.(apparently, an associates degree gives you free reign to analyze strangers. Don't get me wrong, I am not an elitist about degrees. I don't have one. but usually an associates is a step towards a bachelors. This fellow was done with college and proudly announced that he doesn't know what he wants to do with his life. Neither do I, but at least I have a lot going on in the interim.) He never took the time to find out anything about me, only told me what sort of woman I am, how I am attractive, and how he knew I was attracted to him (come to think of it, I wasn't). He told me all about how I am unapproachable and basically how I act like a man, which scares men away. Except himself of course. I wish I hadn't gotten tipsy before he started talking to me. At one point he told me that he was going to let me come to him, and walked away, leaving me stunned and confused on the kitchen. Sadly, I (can't figure out why) gave him my number before I left. Would like to take it back. I've spent the last two days praying that if he does call, I have the balls to tell him to lose the number, that I don't like him. SO, I left, and went home. I crawled into bed, looked around and declared myself happy with the way things are and went to sleep. When I woke up Sunday morning, I had the presence of mind to realize that what Douchbag was doing was tearing me down and trying to make me feel bad about myself. Trying to make me feel as though he was the only answer. Thankfully, I am smarter than that. And, a Sunday night poll of men that know me shows that two out of three men find me approachable. Since only three offered an opinion, and one of them was Douchebag, well, I'll go with the majority on this one.

Sunday was a very productive and lovely day at home. Then I went to work and was so happy about having such a lovely day at home that I didn't mind being at work. Except for the fact that I was an hour early. I hate the time change.

Yesterday was uneventful, except for work frustrations, but was another lovely evening at home. Then, I found the most wonderful, magical place. It's called the SportsPlex. I was there watching GR (girl roomie, for those of you who just joined us. She's not my roomate anymore, I just didn't want to spring any new charactors) play soccer. The wonderful thing, was that the place was CRAWLING with men. Baseball men, hockey men, soccer men. Men everywhere I looked. I always knew there had to be a place where all the men go. and I finally FOUND it. AND since GR plays every week, I have an excuse to go. hee hee. It was a lovely ending to a lovely day


Chickie said...

The time change caught me unaware and I almost went to work early.

I love the time change. It makes me feel good to get that stolen hour back.

Gary said...

That guy you met at the party sounds fascinating. If he made such a bad first impression, can you imagine what a pain it would be to be around him all the time.

I'm glad you sent him back to the pile.

Rich | Championable said...

"I wish I hadn't gotten tipsy before he started talking to me."

That's a GREAT line.

Rich | Championable said...

Oh, crap!

I thought it said "I wish I HAD gotten tipsy before he started talking to me." I only noticed after I cut, paste, and posted.

I thought you were saying he'd be more tolerable drunk. But I misread. Ag!

New favorite line: "...I had the presence of mind to realize that what Douchbag was doing was tearing me down and trying to make me feel bad about myself."

Rock on.

Anonymous said...

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shqipo said...

WTF?? I had to read your post like 3 times to start believing that idiots like this guy do exist! wow, amazing. I would really like to meet him - possibly kick his ass in the end.

You giving him your number is puzzling though...