Thursday, October 05, 2006

This n that

  • I think I'm back in perspective. and thank goodness for that. Thank you to Sensei Ern for giving me another little tidbit to ponder on my path, and to Gary for reminding me that jealousy, even well placed, doesn't get me anywhere but frustrated.
  • My home computer ran out of memory. shoot. I don't know if my other computer has the same programs so I have to figure out my best course of action. I'm thinking of getting one of those plug in drives. Then my business records would be moveable.
  • What's cool, though is that I ran out of memory making labels for this which I am TRYING to donate mini soaps for, and dangit, I am going to do just that as soon as I can print the labels. I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to donate to this worthy cause. hee hee. I'll be in a swag bag!
  • I think I'm falling apart. and getting a bit too fluffy for my taste. So out with the coffee, because I am feeling achey again, and last time this happened, caffeine was to blame, and yes I know I work at a coffee shop but I can drink the water which is yummy and better for me anyway. and no more pastries AT ALL, among other things I plan to do to shed those pounds and fluffies that have come over me since I stopped exercizing. Honestly, I REALLY want this sprain to heal. I can handle the pain, it's the sedimentation that drives me crazy! Fluffies. sounds so much better than Cellulite!


Janvangogh said...

Yogurt instead of ice cream -- that's my plan. Well, it is a plan at least. But coffee? Must have coffee!

Here playing six degrees of Dr. John -- marathon time again.

Catch said...

my Mom has a sweatshirt that says " Im not fat, Im just fluffy" am here today via Dr John, the Chairman of the Board of The University of Theology, College of Blogging. Im working on another degree, before you know it Im gonna be smarter than him.

bazza27 said...

I've just been to another blog (sent by Dr John) and they worked in a coffee shop too, what an amazing coincidence. Dr John sent me here too.

Lori's Minute said...

I was doing well for about three weeks but now this last week I have been eating way too much.

Sent by Dr. John, a guy who has too much time on his hands and thinks the rest of us do, too (just kidding...we love going to his link picks!).

Cindra said...

Ha. I'm fluffy too. Water is good for you...staying away from pastries? I am in awe of you! Dr. John sent me well. I enjoy your perspectives.

Smythe said..., I love that term!! Dr. John sent me.

Cuppojoe said...

First of all, never, never, never blame caffeine for anything. It is the the most wonderful substance every discovered! ;)

Secondly, a word to the wise: When you go to the computer shop for a new hard drive, don't tell them you ran out of "memory". what you ran out of was "storage". They'll know this as soon as they hear your story, but they'll still try to sell you more "memory". They're almost as bad as used car salesmen! And I ought to know... I'm in the biz... *blush*

That's it for now... I'm off to continue the epic Dr. John Marathon!

Chana said...

as you can see my dear love one Cuppojoe is busy at work, lol...i guess his boss wouldn't get too upset, he is talking shop after all..
i'm as well doing dr.John's marathon. i wish you well with everything. hang in there.