Friday, October 13, 2006

Before the weekend

I'm learning to love bullits when I don't have a specific story to tell. But no bullits today.

I have also learned that not everyone appriciates my verbal stories as much as I enjoy telling them. Which is why it is good that I have a blog. Learning this hurt my feelings, but it is important to me not to be annoying or obnoxious. I don't want people to roll thier eyes at me behind my back, as I have learned happens, apparently, on my nights at Harbucks. It's difficult enough being odd without being annoying too. Here, I know, that if I'm not interesting, you'll just wander off and I will never know the difference. Are my insecurities showing? Of course. But I am aware that I have a need to fit in. I would rather not alienate myself.

Got a late notice in the mail yesterday on the storage. I am not paying it. Apparently, he couldn't be bothered with taking my name off the account or changing the address. I have to wonder if he thinks I will continue to pay! I can't do anything because he recinded the Power of Attorney. I'd pay it, but, he pissed me off. Why should I feel responsible for making sure he is able to keep "His Belongings"? Asshole.

I still have not opened the iMac. I know. and yes, I'll take pictures. I plan to get internet while I am at it. I'm overdue.

Breast Cancer event tomorrow, my business and I will be there. I am thinking it will be great exposure. And a worthy event. Being involved is a good thing. Even at grassroots levels. Plus, maybe I will sell some soap!

I've started schemeing again. Those that know me know it's one of the most healthy things I can do even though most of my schemes never come to pass. (which is good, actually.) For those of you who don't know me, if I don't have something brewing in the cauldron of my mind, there must be something really wrong. It's also the way I heal myself. I'm keeping this one to myself for the most part. I'll keep you updated if ever there is anything to tell.


Chickie said...

I love to scheme. Some of my things to come to fruition but some don't. Just planning keeps me from doing something crazy.

Ginamonster said...

That's me too!!