Tuesday, April 25, 2006

New plan

So Harbucks is giving me all of 8 hours of work per week so far, and I am not comfortable enough with the job to go request hours at other stores, so I decided to re-evaluate my thought process.

I am not generally a quitter. And I have been having fun there. Also, I don't want them to say of me, "She didn't work out" like I heard about someone else.

SO. Here is the plan. It's a good one. Continue my frugal ways. Continue to eat foods from my mom's pantry (watch the letters there, monster, you DO NOT eat food from your mom's panty). Put all Harbucks paychecks towards the master card bill. Since that will not cover the minimum payment (thank you government for screwing me on that one) make sure there is enough cash in my account to make the minimum payment. That wayI am now paying almost 200 over the minimum. Which means the master card gets paid off quicker. you know, like 20 months quicker. I like this new plan.

Which brings me to another interesting thought. This might should go on the other blog, but I'm bringing it up here because I don't post there very often and I'm more likely to get a response here.

T and I were discussing debt yesterday and he made a very interesting point. That once upon a time a woman's dowery covered the expense it took to wine and dine her and get her to marry you. Since the abolishment of Doweries, there is no real return on the initial investment. (most of that is my take on what he was saying)Instead, since we live in a society that encourages debt, generally a man gets a wife and her shopping bills. He said that he has yet to meet a woman who is so good in bed that she's worth taking on her debt.

After shedding a tear that my bedroom abilities are not up to par with the level of my debt (as if I would ask a man to pay my debt) (oh, and not really. the tear part, not the debt part) I had to agree. I don' think I would want to marry a man who had a high amount of debt. Cars I can understand (to a point) House, well, yeah. Even school loans. But I blame my MasterCard debt (paid off the school loan, remember? probably not, I didn't have readership then) on me spending beyond my means. Snowboard, Gym memebrship, and well, yeah, food here and there when the good doctor was paying $11 an hour to be her office manager, but that was just a couple of years in my debt life.

Not that I am concerned with getting married any time soon. (No word from HR or the personal ads. oh well) And I wouldn't knock a guy off the list just for having debt, but I do think it's important to actively work on paying it off. To have a plan. Jeeze, I hate it that T is right all the time.

Oh, there was an intervention yesterday. I was perusing the pet ads yesterday and almost called on a kitten. I called in the troops and they talked me out of it. phew!

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