Monday, April 17, 2006

In domestic news,

Why the fuck do they make tall trash cans and no bags to fit in them? Really. I'm tired of having the bag slip down into the can. they make 13 gallon bags, 15-20 gallon cans. And no, I will not start buying 30 or 50 gallon bags. I think it's a conspirasy just to piss me off.

I got my taxes done.!If my partner gets in trouble for not claimein her $2 share of our "profits" I hereby declare that it is not my fault. Furthermore I do not want to go through this mess again next year. Having apartner isn't worth it. especially when she doesn't do anything. Please pray that I have the courage to stand up for myself.

I missed out on all the family fun this weeknd because I had to work. I'm debating whether it is worth it. I also got my first paycheck. it was a whole 60 dollars. woo hoo!


Sensei Ern said...

That is exactly what sucks about having a partner. You are better off having a CPA prepare your taxes. Besides, they can find deductions that you cannot even dream of, like a portion of your apartment can be written off as a business expense.

That is why if we sell any of my stained glass, it will be in a supplier/buyer questions about taxes.

Hey, don't scoff at that $60. That is $60 that can go to paying a credit card bill. Plus, think of all the exciting things that happened at the shop. Things that you would have missed if you stayed at home. At least you are not alone when you are working.

Also, be grateful you don't have a wife who spends your motorcycle savings fund on curtains.

ihadswbq: "I had a sawbuck, until my wife spent it."

Ginamonster said...

I know, but my CPA is in Hawaii. She said she will look over them when she gets back.
And yes, that $60 will be great towards my credit card, but it was hard to look at it that way when I was in the middle of missing out on quality time with my family.
I am greatful every day that I don't have a wife. They spend a lot of money. Who needs curtains?I'd rather have the bike.
And yes, it would be a Buyer/Supplier relationship. no more business partners!