Thursday, April 27, 2006


So, there have been two men who have continued to speak with me despite having recieved my picture. Guy 1, M, gave me his phone number on Tuesday. I emailed him and said that I would call him Wednesday since I worked Tues. night, and what would be a good time to call? He answered that anytime would be good since he always has his cell phone on him.
I called yesterday at about 6 pm. He answered and told me that he was about to go into a seminar (funny, I thought those were planned ahead of time. hmm) and that he would call me when he got out. Gee, my phone never rang. I deleted his emails and threw out his number this morning.

Guy 2, hasn't responded to my last email. he gets another day before his messages are also deleted.

I know it's harsh, but I am not going to sit around waiting for these guys to call. I am not desperate, I am just looking for someone to share my time and possibly my life. If a guy won't call when he says he will, he's not someone I want to be with.


doswald74 said...

Good for you....these guys seem disrespectful in the least! Keep your chin up and be true to yourself! Im proud of you!

Ginamonster said...

Thanks. I'm proud of me too. Of course, it's always easier to send them packing in the beginning before any time has been invested.

jen said...

You go Gina..."don't waste the pretty" :)