Thursday, April 27, 2006

More personals fun

These are real.

where's all the classy, freaky, sexy, horny ladies at?? - 29 I don't know what else it says in the ad, but I would generally think that a woman who calls herself Classy, probably won't answer an ad that also asks if she's freaky, sexy and horny. Mybe it's just me.

Shake the disease... - 122 Bad poetry. Just bad.

Nufin but da truf - 26 it's a what, huh? This guy doesn't have very much self esteem, but at least he has beer money.

***Seeking the perfect camel toe*** - 28 maybe you should check out the zoo?

Victoria Secret? Fredricks? Lets go together. I buy - 40 I once went on a a date with a guy. We ended up wandering the mall because the movie we wanted to see was sold out. He wanted me to try on clothes and model for him. I said no.

Male Seeking Female Witch - 48 If you want to know about the scene in SD, I suggest you not post in the personal section. Maybe it works, I don't know, I'm a solitary.

Watch me ... and I'll watch you AAAHHH Creepy! Creepy!

ORAL PLEASURES - 29 (Your place) NO!

Orgasm School - Why are we not taught this? - 45 uh...

Ready and stable! - 36 Apparently, this one has a thing for horses.


Gary said...

ALL of those were entertaining.

Hope you have a great, classy, non freaky weekend. :)

Sensei Ern said...

What happened to, "I'm independently wealthy and am looking for someone to spend it on"?

Or, "I am a geek, so I am a virgin and STD-free".

Or, "Looking for someone who will cook and clean and bare my children"...oh, wait, that is an ad for a maid.

akgaefal: How the homeboys are when they get paroled from the state pen...they act gayful.

jen said...

Those put fear in my heart!! Yikes!!

Ginamonster said...

Gary, I plan to!

Sensei, those aren't any fun! But they are in there.

Jenny, I am afraid

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