Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The new "Chic"

I was reading today on the news, that White Trash is, in fact, the new Chic. It's very cool to go around acting and dressing ignorant and slutty a la Britney. (who, it has been reported, is 4 months preggers with kidlet #2. Hey Brit, drop this on one it's butt, ok? they bounce better that way. Just like giant garbanzo beans)

Now, I like to wear the occational "Wife Beater" T Shirt. And I'm not going to pretend that I am a class icon. (HOO-HA!! that was to keep your attention). But I don't think I care to join in this trend. I don't want pictures of me floating around when I'm old of my ass and belly hanging out, my hair all askew like I can't be bothered to comb or wash it, barefoot, with a trucker hat that says "Fuck me, I'm easy. And Fertile"

So from my little redneck corner of San Diego, I'm going to continue to pin my upsweeps, wear my business suits, drive my jalopy and be totally out of style. I might stick out like a sore thumb, but I've worked hard on my image. Truly, classy never really goes out of style. And I'd rather be considered a lady than a ho.

(until you get to know me, then you realize that my roots are in fact white trash and I can swear with the best. My mom worked very hard to pull us off the welfare roster.)

Meanwhile, in other completely related news, I am currently perusing the San Diego Roller derby website since I figure that if Cate can be a Derby Girl, so can I. I mean, I don't have as many tatoos as she does, but I do have pointy elbows and skater thighs (I'm not saying that Cate has either of those things, I'm saying that they might help me be a better roller girl. And, when I'm old, how cool would it be to have had that adventure?)


Randy said...

Sorry to dissapoint you dear, but you're far from being a redneck/white trash. ;) Take it from a guy who grew up in Santee riding horses, spent 5 years in the back woods of Kentucky, and whos daughter had most of her Christmas presents donated by the local fire department until she was 3.

Besides, I think your car is cute. Certainly not a jalopey. Especially since you don't park it in front of a trailer!

Ginamonster said...

Yeah, but if things go the way my parents are thinking, I might be!